Leasing Homes For Rent

    Landlord Guarantee, Strong Tenants, Increased Retention, More Profits

Landlord Guarantee

Property owners/management  companies receive a tenant paid guarantee to cover a whole month's rent for loss rent or property damages

Strong Tenants

Tenants pay the landlord's guarantee the first year instead of a security deposit in addition with their monthly rent.  This method results in stronger tenants.


Second year rent has no guarantee premium.  Tenants renew to take advantage of savings from rent without guarantee premium.  Tenant savings still exist after 4% rent increase.

More Profits

Zero felt tenant impact rent increases and retention results in more profit for owners and property managements.

Leasing Homes For Rent is a no fee, no contract referral service.  We are a medium for property management companies, owners, and tenants that agree to lease with, Selective Insurance, underwritten, Jack and Landlords guarantee,  the more effective model.  Property management companies are called on from our database of owners.  Owners are called on from our database of property management companies.  Tenants come to us to lease with our property management companies and owners that lease using Jack and Landlords.  

We do not sale anything or give your email and contact info to third parties.  Leasing Homes For Rent reserves the right to remove membership due to, but not limited to, leasing among members without Jack and Landlords, unauthorized solicitation to members' email, harassment, and inappropriate conduct to members.  Join and start Leasing Homes For Rent!